Hounsfield, Godfrey N. (Newark, Nottinghamshire 1919), engineer British elettrotecnico. To burst some second world war, as volunteer enlisted him near the Royal Air Force. During his/her service in the army, it discovered a strong interest for the electronics; time the technicians' instructor radio became; shortly you/he/she was transferred therefore to the Royal college of science and therefore to the Cranwell radar school. In this period, he/she also built a particular type of oscilloscopio to ample screen. After the war, it got the diploma of the Faraday house electrical engineering college in London. In 1951 it entered the group of search of the EMI Ltd.; between 1958 and 1959 it directed the realization of the first transistor computer of Great Britain, said EMIDEC 1100. Subsequently, in 1967 it set the EMI-scanner, an equipment to visualize sections of the human body; with this tool, it inaugurated a new technique of diagnostic medical, the computerized tomography (TC).

In 1972 the first tomography of the body was gotten. For the discovery of the TC, in the 1979 Hounsfield you/he/she was honored, together with the physical sudafricano Allan Mc Leod Cormack, of the Nobel prize for the medicine or the physiology.